The Classes

Warriors are a class of great strength and vitality. They are not easily killed in battle and have the advantage of being able to use a variety of heavy weapons and Armour. Therefore, Warriors favour attacks that are based on melee physical damage. They are weak in ranged attacks, however the variety of equipment that are developed specifically for Warriors complement their weakness in ranged combat.
Taoists are well disciplined in the study of Astronomy, Medicine, and others aside from Mu-Gong. Rather then directly engaging the enemies, their speciality lies in assisting their allies with support. Taoists can summon powerful creatures and have a high resistance to magic, and is a class with well balanced offensive and defensive abilities.
Wizards are a class of low strength and stamina, but have the ability to use powerful spells. Their offensive spells are very effective, but because it takes time to cast these spells, they're likely to leave themselves open for enemy's attacks. Therefore, the physically weak wizards must aim to attack their enemies from a safe distance.
Assassins are members of a secret organization and their history is relatively unknown. They're capable of hiding themselves and performing attacks while being unseen by others, which naturally makes them excellent at making fast kills. It is necessary for them to avoid being in battles with multiple enemies due to their weak vitality and strength.


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